About Key West & Lower Keys

About Key West and the Lower Keys

How Large is Key West?

Key West, a tiny but vibrant Florida key, which sits at the southernmost point of the continental United States, stretches 4 miles long and almost 2 miles wide. Connecting to mainland Florida through the 42 bridges that link the islands via the Overseas Highway, this beautiful key, which is also the county seat of Monroe County, measures approximately 7.21 square miles. 

Duval Street is the city’s main street and runs 1.1 miles, lined with many bars, restaurants, and shops. Generally, you can explore a dozen attractions and activities at Key West, including water adventures (kayaking and canoeing, seaplane excursions), nature exploration at parks and gardens, skydiving, and sightseeing, among many other activities. Read this guide to learn about Key West with Playa Largo Ocean Residences today!

Size notwithstanding, the island is an exciting place for locals and visitors. Here are some additional Key West facts you may want to know.

  • Conch Republic Independence Celebration: In April 1982, the city protested against the government’s Border Patrol checkpoint and momentarily seceded (not officially). To date, the city marks the event through annual celebrations in April
  • Wealthiest American city per capita in the 1800s: Key West was once the wealthiest city in the United States per capit). Locals used to make a fortune out of salvaging shipwrecks that crashed on the shallow waters near the shore and reefs.
  • Chicken city: Chickens freely roam the island streets and have been doing so for decades; a fascinating, unusual culture.
  • Ernest Hemingway home: The renowned writer Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West in the early 1930s and had a six-toed cat. The writer’s house, now a museum, hosts dozens of six-toed cats.
  • Third-largest barrier coral reef: Florida Reef, the third-largest coral barrier reef in the world, is in Key West.
  • Southernmost Point Buoy: The concrete buoy erected to mark the southernmost point in the continental United States is in Key West. 

Is Cuba or Miami Closer to Key West?

Interestingly, Key West is closer to Cuba than Miami. The southernmost part of Key West (Southernmost Point Buoy) lies 90 miles north of Cuba. Havana, Cuba, is only 105 miles away. On the other hand, Miami is a longer stretch away, more than 150 miles from Key West.

You can get to Miami from Key West on the road via the Overseas Highway. With Key West being the southernmost of the Florida Keys, the highway crosses over 42 bridges that connect the islands. However, there’s no road connecting Key West to Cuba; you can only do so by flight or boat.

What’s the Lowest Recorded Temperature in Key West?

There’s a good reason why Key West is a favorite destination for northerners, especially during winter – it’s one of the hottest cities in the United States. The lowest temperature on the island was recorded in 1886 at forty-one degrees. The temperatures only fell to the same level again nearly a century later in January 1981. 

Mainly, the island experiences warm temperatures ranging between 70s and 80s throughout the year, with the coldest (winter) months recording 60s. Even during cold nights, temperatures rarely dip below the 50s. Unlike many other parts of the United States, winter months are comfortable and pretty welcoming. They mark the busiest season on the island as many northerners head south.

See the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico

Yet another stunning Key West fact is that it lies on the line dividing the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Connected by the L-shaped Florida Straits, the two water bodies converge right here in Key West. The Atlantic’s deep blue waters can be spotted to the south, while the green shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico lie to the west. If you have more questions about Playa Largo Ocean Residences, please Contact Us today!

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Historic Key Largo

Located only an hour south of Miami, Key Largo is the first and largest island of the Florida Keys Archipelago, a sun-drenched paradise of tropical beauty, action-packed adventures and world-class diving and fishing in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. 

Whether you’re diving to historic shipwrecks amidst colorful coral reefs, swimming with dolphins, searching for alligators in the Everglades, chilling out in a Tiki Bar or simply immersing yourself in the laid-back vibe of Key Largo, our tropical getaway will warm your soul, lift your spirits and create life-long vacation memories.