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What is the Climate Like in the Florida Keys?

When you’re dreaming of the perfect tropical vacation, gorgeous weather is a non-negotiable factor. As you might imagine, a row of sun-drenched islands surrounded by cooling waters delivers an enjoyable climate throughout the entire year. 

If you’re planning to book a vacation in the Florida Keys, you want to ensure the weather will be perfect for your plans. Luckily, Key Largo through Key West average temperatures are ideal practically any day of the year. Whether you like it mild or scorching hot, our guide to Key West weather month by month will help you choose the best time for your Florida Keys vacation. 

Florida Keys Average Temperature

You may have heard that the weather is always better in the Florida Keys. While it sounds like a cliche, there are a few reasons it often proves to be true. The Florida Keys arc from the southeast coast of the Florida peninsula to the Gulf of Mexico puts them in the perfect position to achieve mild weather throughout the year. The nearness of the Gulf Stream and the Straits of Florida contribute to a warming trend in the winter and a cooling trend in the summer. As a result, Florida Keys’ average temperatures are some of the most enjoyable you can find. Winter temperatures are typically only around 15 degrees lower than those in the summer, making any time a good time to vacation in the Keys.

Not sure which month is ideal for your visit to the Florida Keys? Here’s an idea of what you can expect from Key West weather month by month. 

  • January: Average high 74, Average low 64
  • February: Average high 76, Average low 66
  • March: Average high 78, Average low 68
  • April: Average high 81, Average low 72
  • May: Average high 85, Average low 76
  • June: Average high 88, Average low 79
  • July: Average high 89, Average low 80
  • August: Average high 89, Average low 80
  • September: Average high 88, Average low 78
  • October: Average high 85. Average low 76
  • November: Average high 80, Average low 72
  • December: Average high 76, Average low 67

Daily Chance of Precipitation in the Florida Keys

While they’re often referred to as the winter and summer seasons, the mild tropical-maritime climate is said only to have a wet (May – November) and a dry season (December – April). It rarely rains in the winter months, making the months of December through March a popular time to visit the Keys. In May, you can expect thundershowers to start popping up, but luckily, they rarely stick around long enough to spoil the day. While the Atlantic hurricane season can impact the islands, warm water temperatures contribute to some of the most beautiful weather of the year during this period. 

Rain is a possibility throughout the year in the Florida Keys, but daily chances of precipitation are often low. September is the rainiest month, with an average rainfall total of 6 inches. December is the driest month, averaging only about 1.4 inches of rain. Even during the wet season, daily average precipitation chances in the Florida Keys hover around the 50% mark, with average rain chances ranging from 36% to 59%. 

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True to the nickname The Sunshine State, the Keys are a part of Florida boasting some of the best weather you can find for an idyllic tropical vacation. Without super highways or urban sprawl to radiate the sun’s heat and warming coastal waters, temperatures are balmy and comfortable throughout the year. While you might need to pack a light jacket during the coolest months, sunscreen is always a necessity when packing for a Florida Keys vacation. 

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