When is the Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys?

Key West is undoubtedly the best seaside haven in the Sunshine State. It boasts pristine beaches, turquoise waters, year-round sunshine, and a vibrant culture. At this destination, you can bask under the sun, casually stroll on the pristine beaches, and do water sports like snorkeling. 

Unlike many destinations, Key Largo has something fun to do in every season—there is no inconvenient time to visit. Assuming you plan to explore the haven, we have suggested the best time to visit Key Largo and the activities to try out.

Winter: A Tropical Escape

Winter is one of the best times to go to Key West. While the season is synonymous with freezing temperatures and snowfall, that isn’t true in Key Largo. This destination boasts a warm winter climate, with temperatures averaging around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many travelers from other states regard Key Largo as an ideal escape from cold temperatures. With the warm Key Largo climate, you can indulge in many outdoor activities, including exploring and shopping in the charming historic district.

Besides the exploration, you can snorkel and dive in the crystalline waters or rent a bike and explore the Island’s scenic landscape. Winter is also the best time to visit Key West and witness popular events like the Florida half-marathon and the Old Island Art Days. 

Spring: Blooming Beauty

As spring sets in, Key West blooms with a charming beauty you can hardly find elsewhere. Lush vegetation with vibrant blooms paint the Island, giving you a deeper connection with nature. The best time to visit Key Largo runs from March to May.

Unlike winter, spring attracts fewer customers to Key Largo. Not surprisingly, the season ranks as the best time to visit Key Largo for travelers on a budget. Airlines and hotels offer great deals since the demand for services is low. 

With temperatures averaging around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, the spring climate provides perfect conditions for outdoor adventure. It is the best month to visit Key West, bask in the sun, or partake in water sports like snorkeling and kayaking. You can also explore botanical gardens to experience the tropical flora at its best.

Summer: Water Adventures

Summer is the season when the Keys experience frequent hurricanes and occasional showers. Despite the unappealing weather, summer is the best month to visit Key West for many reasons.

For one, hotels, airlines, and other accommodations experience a lower demand. For this reason, they offer competitive rates you can take advantage of. As such, summer would be your best time to go to Key West if you are on a budget and don’t mind the hurricanes and showers.

When is hurricane season in the Florida Keys? In summer, temperatures soar to around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. These high temperatures warm the waters, perfect for travelers who enjoy various water activities like snorkeling, diving, and swimming. 

Fall: Fishing Galore

Key Largo’s fall season is characterized by cooling temperatures, which induce a sense of tranquility and calm. Many travelers regard fall as the best month to visit Key West and enjoy fishing amidst the cool ocean breeze.

The Keys become a lively wonderland as the season progresses, attracting more visitors. Beyond fishing, the visitors flock here because fall is the best time to go to the Keys and enjoy various outdoor activities and events.

You can explore the island’s natural wonders, hike, or enjoy seafood at local restaurants. Events enthusiasts can attend the Key West Film Festival, the Key West Harbor Walk of Lights, or the Fantasy Festival.

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