Travel Options to Key West Florida

If you’re longing to leave ordinary life behind and bask in the warmth of a tropical vacation, then Key West is calling your name. This beautiful island is the perfect place to de-stress and reset. But what’s the best way to travel here? Don’t worry; although Key West feels like another world, getting here from where you are is not hard. At Playa Largo Ocean Residences, we would love to welcome you to this tropical paradise. Let us start by telling you the best ways to travel here. 

Getting To Key West By Land

If you’re starting your journey in Florida and love a scenic drive, this is a great time to hit the open road. The drive from Miami is roughly three hours long, while you’ll spend about four hours behind the wheel if you’re coming from Fort Lauderdale. Along the way, you’ll pass some gorgeous scenery, including the coastal portion of the Everglades. You’ll also cross several long bridges that span cerulean expanses of water.

The most direct route to the Keys starts on the Florida Turnpike. This is a toll road, but you won’t have to stop at a booth to pay tolls. They’ll be automatically charged using your license plate number. If you’re driving a rental car, check with the rental company about how they handle tolls. 

At the end of the Turnpike, you’ll take US 1 and the Overseas Highway. Follow the posted speed limits because local law enforcement keeps looking for speeders. Because Key West is the farthest island to the west, the trip will take you past the other islands, so enjoy all the gorgeous coastal scenery along the way. You know you’re there when you arrive at mile marker 0 and the beauty of Key West.

Getting to Key West by Sea

If you’d rather arrive at the island by sea, you have several options. You can catch a high-speed passenger ferry from Fort Myers. The trip takes three and a half hours, and you will travel comfortably. You can spend that time in the air-conditioned interior or try out the sun deck to take in the scenery and breathe in the sea air. 

You can sail to Key West alone if you’re an experienced boater. You can approach from the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Be sure to make a reservation at a local marina before you arrive. 

Getting To Key West By Air

It may feel like you’re leaving the world behind when you arrive at Key West, but don’t worry – you still have easy access to it all by plane. Several airlines offer nonstop flights to Key West International Airport. Check with your preferred carrier, but here are some convenient options for nonstop flights:

  • Delta Airlines – Atlanta and New York La Guardia
  • United Airlines – Chicago and Newark
  • American Airlines – Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, and Washington DC
  • Silver Airways – Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Orlando

Once you land, several options get you where you’re going, including shuttles, taxis, ferry service, car rentals, bike rentals, and more. No matter what transportation you choose, the island isn’t very big, so it won’t take long to get there.

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Image Credit: lunamarina / Shutterstock

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