Plan a Trip from Miami to Key Largo!

When booking a vacation, you’re looking for it to meet your expectation.  Look no further than a perfectly curated Key Largo trip for the ultimate island living experience. Get ready to rejuvenate your senses with some much-needed rest and relaxation in this tropical paradise.

From Miami to Key Largo, your dream vacation awaits, offering endless opportunities for unforgettable adventures and the luxurious experience you deserve.

If you’re curious about where to start and what to do, we’re here to help you out today. Prepare to embrace the laid-back island lifestyle and immerse yourself in the beauty of life by the water. Key Largo has some of the best excursions available, guaranteed to make your trip truly special. To make your planning easier, we’ve handpicked a list of our favorite activities for you to share with your loved ones. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

The Miami to Key Largo Drive Is One Of The Most Extraordinary Florida Road Trips

There are options available to suit your traveling style, from renting a charter to flying into the keys or packing your bags in anticipation of a memorable yet short road trip. The drive from Miami to Key Largo is reported to be about an hour and ten minutes to an hour and a half. With Key Largo being located around 60 miles South of Miami, you’ll have plenty of time to make exciting pit stops along the way.

One option common among visitors is the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center. The center is not just a popular rest stop but also acts to introduce visitors to the Everglades National Park. Once there, you can find options to book an airboat ride, or a wildlife boat tour is also available for those who wish to do additional sightseeing.

As an added tip, tolls can be avoided on the drive by taking FL-826 S until you get to US-1, which will then take you directly into Key Largo.

Where to Stay When You Arrive at Key Largo: Key Largo Vacation Packages

On vacation, there’s nothing better than having your own space. Hotels and resorts are great, but having a place just for you can make your trip even more special. That’s why, when you plan your trip to Key Largo, you should choose one of the many options at the Playa Largo Ocean Residences.

These homes are fully furnished and have everything you need, including a full kitchen for when you want to cook a meal from home. Staying here will give you the feeling of living in a luxury residential community. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your vacation in style and comfort, at a home away from home.

Top Things to Do in Key Largo

When planning your trip to Key Largo, it’s time to explore the fantastic excursions available. There is plenty of activities in this vacation destination. You can learn to sail the Hobie way with a personal instructor or go island hopping on a seaplane. Snorkeling and renting a tiki boat for a day on the water are also options.

If you prefer a more relaxed or romantic experience, you can book packages that include a private chef coming to your home. Our goal is to make sure you have an unforgettable experience in Key Largo.

Choose Playa Largo Ocean Residences – The Top Vacation Rental Experience in Key Largo

This quick guide only covers the surface of all the incredible things Key Largo offers when you want to elevate your next vacation experience. As you plan your trip from Miami to Key Largo and prepare to embrace island living, see what vacation packages are available at Playa Largo Ocean Residences. We’ll keep updating you with the best luxuries available and provide easy tips to make your trip unique.

Image Credit: Tudoran Andrei / Shutterstock

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