When is an Affordable or Cheap Time to Travel to Key West?

Updated: July 17, 2024

A trip to Key West is a dream vacation for many people. However, because it’s such a popular destination, it can get a little spendy during the busiest months. If you want to experience the joys of Key West without the premium price, you have options.

Don’t worry that you won’t experience the best of Key West if you don’t go during the high season. Any trip to Key West can be a great time. You can still enjoy everything the area offers if you plan your trip for the most affordable time of year. Here’s the inside scoop on when your money will go further in Key West.

Come see Key West in the off-season

Most people visit Key West in the winter. December to February is a great time to escape freezing weather and thaw on the beach. During this time, Key West has balmy temperatures with an average high of 77 degrees. The weather is the most sunny and calm. But the law of supply and demand means it’s also the most expensive time to be there.

To spend time in Key West without paying premium prices, consider booking your vacation during another time of the year. Here’s a look at what this beautiful area looks like during the slower seasons.

Spring in Key West

From March to May, the crowds start to dwindle. The temperature starts to creep up, but it hasn’t yet reached the highs you’ll see during the summer. March is probably the most expensive month during this season because of spring break travelers, but as students go back to school and temperatures rise, prices start to decline. By the end of May, average high temperatures are in the mid-80s.

Summer Climate in Key West

From June to August, the temperatures get pretty high, up to an average high of 91 degrees, which can be pretty hot when you consider the humidity. It’s also more stormy, with increased rainfall and a higher risk of hurricanes. 

However, you shouldn’t write off Key West during the summer. There are many family-friendly activities and plenty of pools and the ocean to cool off on the warmest days. This is also generally the most affordable time of the year. Altogether, a summer vacation in Key West can be a wonderful getaway. 


From September to November, the average temperatures begin to fall, and stormy weather settles down. The days are lovely by November, with highs between 79 and 72 degrees. Of course, this is also when the area starts to edge into the high season, so you can expect the prices to nudge upward simultaneously. Despite the stunning weather, fewer people are anxious to escape fall in most parts of the country, so it’s not as busy in Key West as in the wintertime.

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