Things to Do in Key Largo – Summer Vacation

A  vacation in Key Largo can be the perfect destination if you’re aim is the trip of a lifetime. From luxury experiences to maximum comfort and relaxation, this dream location has all you could want and more. Playa Largo Ocean Residences invites you to explore an unforgettable summer with these great activities. 

Sailing in Key Largo

When looking for things to do in Key Largo, take advantage of some one-of-a-kind specialty vacation packages and hit the water like never before. These inclusive sailing adventures teach you firsthand how to sail the Hobie way. You can spend the morning or afternoon learning how to land and launch boats directly from the beach with expert instruction. Discover the ways angles allow you to sail alongside the wind and soak up some sun before you head back home. 

Sea Plane Tours over Key Largo

You’ll be seeing more than crystal blue waters from the sky when you book a seaplane tour. These tours can easily take you to and from neighboring cities and show you all-natural sights that you can’t access on the ground. Take in all of Key Largo’s natural beauty on a private charter with up to 6 guests, and look for the ocean’s wildlife as you coast above the waves.

Scenic tours can take you on a journey to see everything from stingrays, sharks, and turtles to nearby lighthouses and the Dry Tortugas. For even more fun on your seaplane trip, spend the day island hopping and maximize the most out of your time by visiting some of the most well-known attractions in Key Largo. 

Dinner with A Unique Chef Experience

After a day of catching some rays and working up an appetite, it’s time to eat like you’re royalty. Have you ever wanted to dine with a private chef? You certainly can on vacation in Key Largo. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes and delight your tastebuds as you get to know a local chef that’ll elevate your travel experience. Choose to learn from a pro and pick up a few foodie tricks to take back home and impress your friends, or sit back and relax as you eat some of the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted. 

Celebrate Romance With An Evening Chimenea Experience at Playa Largo Ocean Residences

After a day of fun excursions and exploring all that Key Largo has to offer, wind down and simmer the adrenaline rush with a comfortable chimenea experience. Opt for a romantic night stargazing and sharing a bottle of wine as you keep warm, or toast marshmallows and make s’mores with the family. The elegant glow from the chimenea will keep your spirits high, and the natural oaky smells of burning wood will keep you feeling cozy well into the night. 

Plan Your Full Key Largo Experience with Playa Largo Ocean Residences

There’s no shortage of adventures and fun vacation experiences in Key Largo. From trying local cuisines to glass-bottom boat tours, snorkeling and diving by the reefs, and picturesque sunset walks – the vacation destination has something for everyone.  When you’re ready to book your next vacation and escape to paradise, plan your full Key Largo experience with Playa Largo Ocean Residences.

Offering one-of-a-kind accommodations and special packages that help make your trip feel personalized in every detail, you’ll never want to vacation anywhere else. There’s no need to Google things like ‘Key Largo what to do’ when you have access to these customized experiences that bring you all of Key Largo’s best events and excursions at the click of a button.

Image Credit: Fotoluminate LLC  / Shutterstock

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