Travel Options to Key West Florida

If you’re longing to leave ordinary life behind and bask in the warmth of a tropical vacation, then Key West is calling your name. This beautiful island is the perfect place to de-stress and reset. But what’s the best way to travel here? Don’t worry; although Key West feels like another world, getting here from where you are is not hard. At Playa Largo Ocean Residences, we would love to welcome you to this tropical paradise. Let us start by telling you the best ways to travel here. 

Getting To Key West By Land

If you’re starting your journey in Florida and love a scenic drive, this is a great time to hit the open road. The drive from Miami is roughly three hours long, while you’ll spend about four hours behind the wheel if you’re coming from Fort Lauderdale. Along the way, you’ll pass some gorgeous scenery, including the coastal portion of the Everglades. You’ll also cross several long bridges that span cerulean expanses of water.

The most direct route to the Keys starts on the Florida Turnpike. This is a toll road, but you won’t have to stop at a booth to pay tolls. They’ll be automatically charged using your license plate number. If you’re driving a rental car, check with the rental company about how they handle tolls. 

At the end of the Turnpike, you’ll take US 1 and the Overseas Highway. Follow the posted speed limits because local law enforcement keeps looking for speeders. Because Key West is the farthest island to the west, the trip will take you past the other islands, so enjoy all the gorgeous coastal scenery along the way. You know you’re there when you arrive at mile marker 0 and the beauty of Key West.

Getting to Key West by Sea

If you’d rather arrive at the island by sea, you have several options. You can catch a high-speed passenger ferry from Fort Myers. The trip takes three and a half hours, and you will travel comfortably. You can spend that time in the air-conditioned interior or try out the sun deck to take in the scenery and breathe in the sea air. 

You can sail to Key West alone if you’re an experienced boater. You can approach from the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Be sure to make a reservation at a local marina before you arrive. 

Getting To Key West By Air

It may feel like you’re leaving the world behind when you arrive at Key West, but don’t worry – you still have easy access to it all by plane. Several airlines offer nonstop flights to Key West International Airport. Check with your preferred carrier, but here are some convenient options for nonstop flights:

  • Delta Airlines – Atlanta and New York La Guardia
  • United Airlines – Chicago and Newark
  • American Airlines – Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, and Washington DC
  • Silver Airways – Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Orlando

Once you land, several options get you where you’re going, including shuttles, taxis, ferry service, car rentals, bike rentals, and more. No matter what transportation you choose, the island isn’t very big, so it won’t take long to get there.

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When is the Most Affordable Time to Go to Key West?

A trip to Key West is a dream vacation for many people. However, because it’s such a popular destination, it can get a little spendy during the busiest months. If you want to experience the joys of Key West without the premium price, you have options.

Don’t worry that you won’t experience the best of Key West if you don’t go during the high season. Any trip to Key West can be a great time. You can still enjoy everything the area offers if you plan your trip for the most affordable time of year. Here’s the inside scoop on when your money will go further in Key West.

Come see Key West in the off-season

Most people visit Key West in the winter. December to February is a great time to escape freezing weather and thaw on the beach. During this time, Key West has balmy temperatures with an average high of 77 degrees. The weather is the most sunny and calm. But the law of supply and demand means it’s also the most expensive time to be there.

To spend time in Key West without paying premium prices, consider booking your vacation during another time of the year. Here’s a look at what this beautiful area looks like during the slower seasons.


From March to May, the crowds start to dwindle. The temperature starts to creep up, but it hasn’t yet reached the highs you’ll see during the summer. March is probably the most expensive month during this season because of spring break travelers, but as students go back to school and temperatures rise, prices start to decline. By the end of May, average high temperatures are in the mid-80s.


From June to August, the temperatures get pretty high, up to an average high of 91 degrees, which can be pretty hot when you consider the humidity. It’s also more stormy, with increased rainfall and a higher risk of hurricanes. 

However, you shouldn’t write off Key West during the summer. There are many family-friendly activities and plenty of pools and the ocean to cool off on the warmest days. This is also generally the most affordable time of the year. Altogether, a summer vacation in Key West can be a wonderful getaway. 


From September to November, the average temperatures begin to fall, and stormy weather settles down. The days are lovely by November, with highs between 79 and 72 degrees. Of course, this is also when the area starts to edge into the high season, so you can expect the prices to nudge upward simultaneously. Despite the stunning weather, fewer people are anxious to escape fall in most parts of the country, so it’s not as busy in Key West as in the wintertime.

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Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum in the Florida Keys

Looking for something unique to do during your Florida Keys vacation? Check out the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. It might seem strange, but you don’t need to be a fan of literature to appreciate the Hemingway House in Key West or, more to the point, the Hemingway House cats.

It’s one of several attractions within striking distance of our vacation rentals at Playa Largo Ocean Residences. Contact us to find out more or book one of our great rentals, which are ideal for larger families or groups.

What is the Hemingway House?

Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his most famous books while living in Key West, so if you feel inspired while here, you are in the best company. Hemingway built a house here, and legend has it he chose a plot near the lighthouse so it would guide him home at night…after, you know, spending time in one of the local bars. His favorite was Sloppy Joe’s Bar, which is still open today, and you can eat there…or copy Hemingway…if you want.

When he died in 1961, the house was transformed into a museum. You can explore the beautiful grounds and then tour the house, where you will see the space where Hemingway worked. The home had an in-ground pool, a remarkable luxury at the time….although, before that, that site was a boxing ring where he took on local amateurs.

What’s with the Hemingway House Cats?

Most people don’t come here to see the house or even that swimming pool. In the 1930s, a passing sea captain gave Hemingway a surplus kitten, a cat he named Snow White.

Snow White wasn’t an ordinary cat, though. She had six toes! This is a genetic mutation known as polydactyly. (In fact, polydactyl cats have been known to have as many as nine digits on a paw, but six is more normal). The trait bred to some of her kittens, and the Ernest Hemingway House is now home to 60 cats, about half of whom have the extra toes. (The other half are just as cute, though). All of these cats are named after famous people. Some of them look rather as if they’re wearing mittens. Some of the cats are known to be descendants of Snow White, and most are likely related…Key West is not a big island.

The anomaly doesn’t cause any issues for the Hemingway cats with six toes (if it does, the extra digits may be removed). They may have an advantage in balancing, climbing, and catching prey. (Maybe they had a particular advantage on the moving deck of a ship, hence Snow White’s ship-bound relatives).

The cats have the run of the museum…and it’s best to remember it’s their home. Visitors are asked not to pick up the Key West author’s cats (remember they have extra claws), but you can pet them if they let you.

Things to Know

The museum is open for walk-ins from 9 am to 5 pm, with tours every 15 minutes, starting at 9:30 am. The 20 to 30-minute tour is included in your admission. Please don’t use flash photography at any time (it annoys the cats).

The museum is located at 907 Whitehead Street on Key West and is about a 2-hour drive from our vacation rentals…an amazing drive through the Keys. There are also bus tours available.

You can book the Hemingway Home Evening Writing Experience Monday through Thursday for the aspiring writer with money to spare. You and one guest get the tour and then access to the house, gardens, and Hemingway’s studio. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your next masterpiece…if the Hemingway House cats will let you!

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When is the Best Time to Visit the Florida Keys?

Key West is undoubtedly the best seaside haven in the Sunshine State. It boasts pristine beaches, turquoise waters, year-round sunshine, and a vibrant culture. At this destination, you can bask under the sun, casually stroll on the pristine beaches, and do water sports like snorkeling. 

Unlike many destinations, Key Largo has something fun to do in every season—there is no inconvenient time to visit. Assuming you plan to explore the haven, we have suggested the best time to visit Key Largo and the activities to try out.

Winter: A Tropical Escape

Winter is one of the best times to go to Key West. While the season is synonymous with freezing temperatures and snowfall, that isn’t true in Key Largo. This destination boasts a warm winter climate, with temperatures averaging around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many travelers from other states regard Key Largo as an ideal escape from cold temperatures. With the warm Key Largo climate, you can indulge in many outdoor activities, including exploring and shopping in the charming historic district.

Besides the exploration, you can snorkel and dive in the crystalline waters or rent a bike and explore the Island’s scenic landscape. Winter is also the best time to visit Key West and witness popular events like the Florida half-marathon and the Old Island Art Days. 

Spring: Blooming Beauty

As spring sets in, Key West blooms with a charming beauty you can hardly find elsewhere. Lush vegetation with vibrant blooms paint the Island, giving you a deeper connection with nature. The best time to visit Key Largo runs from March to May.

Unlike winter, spring attracts fewer customers to Key Largo. Not surprisingly, the season ranks as the best time to visit Key Largo for travelers on a budget. Airlines and hotels offer great deals since the demand for services is low. 

With temperatures averaging around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, the spring climate provides perfect conditions for outdoor adventure. It is the best month to visit Key West, bask in the sun, or partake in water sports like snorkeling and kayaking. You can also explore botanical gardens to experience the tropical flora at its best.

Summer: Water Adventures

Summer is the season when the Keys experience frequent hurricanes and occasional showers. Despite the unappealing weather, summer is the best month to visit Key West for many reasons.

For one, hotels, airlines, and other accommodations experience a lower demand. For this reason, they offer competitive rates you can take advantage of. As such, summer would be your best time to go to Key West if you are on a budget and don’t mind the hurricanes and showers.

When is hurricane season in the Florida Keys? In summer, temperatures soar to around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. These high temperatures warm the waters, perfect for travelers who enjoy various water activities like snorkeling, diving, and swimming. 

Fall: Fishing Galore

Key Largo’s fall season is characterized by cooling temperatures, which induce a sense of tranquility and calm. Many travelers regard fall as the best month to visit Key West and enjoy fishing amidst the cool ocean breeze.

The Keys become a lively wonderland as the season progresses, attracting more visitors. Beyond fishing, the visitors flock here because fall is the best time to go to the Keys and enjoy various outdoor activities and events.

You can explore the island’s natural wonders, hike, or enjoy seafood at local restaurants. Events enthusiasts can attend the Key West Film Festival, the Key West Harbor Walk of Lights, or the Fantasy Festival.

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Why are AirBnb’s so Expensive Now? Are AirBnb’s Worth It?

In 2008, Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharczyk launched Airbnb to help travelers find affordable accommodations worldwide. Hosts accommodated travelers in spare rooms, which were cheaper than hotel rooms.

However, today, AirBnbs are less affordable than they used to be. The prices have soared high, with some Airbnb units costing more than you’d pay for a hotel room. Find out why renting Airbnb for a month has become expensive and if the costs you pay are worth it. 

Why Is Airbnb So Expensive?

As is common with many startups, AirBnb advocated for low rates initially to attract a broader client base. Once the platform expanded, the company adjusted its rates upwards to optimize profitability, the primary mission of any business. 

The following are extra reasons why monthly AirBnb rentals cost more than before:

1. There is a High Demand for Airbnbs

Why is Airbnb too expensive? The demand for AirBnb units has increased year after year since inception. Travelers find some cozy apartments and luxurious villas used as AirBnb units more comfortable than regular hotel rooms.

Moreover, monthly AirBnb rentals give one-of-a-kind privacy. Most units are stand-alone, meaning that they accommodate a single traveler. This arrangement reduces the chances of meeting strangers, enhancing your privacy. 

Moreover, many AirBnbs are located in safer neighborhoods and have security measures to bolster security further. 

2. Rising Inflation

Rising global inflation is another reason why monthly Airbnb rentals are becoming expensive. With the high inflation, hosts spend more on utilities, maintenance, property taxes, and other overheads for running these accommodations.

As a result, hosts have to adjust their prices upwards to cover the increased costs and still make some profits. 

3. Tight Regulatory Compliance

Tight regulatory compliance is another reason you must pay a high price to secure an AirBnb for a month. Unlike in the past, many governments recognize Airbnb as a business. As a result, they have imposed increasingly stringent regulations, significantly increasing the operating costs for AirBnb hosts.

For instance, many local authorities require hosts to obtain various permits and licenses to run the units. Since these permits and licenses are priced, hosts must raise their charges to profit reasonably.

Is AirBnb Worth It?

Is Airbnb worth it with the rising costs? Despite the rising costs, AirBnb accommodations are still worth it. They provide comfort akin to your own home. The accommodations have kitchens, living areas, laundry facilities, outdoor seating areas, and private swimming pools. 

Other reasons why renting an Airbnb for a month is worthwhile include:

  • Unique experiences. AirBnbs allows travelers to stay in unique, uniquely designed accommodations. From cottages in secluded forests to tree houses, there are various Airbnb options that will leave you with unforgettable experiences. 
  • Community immersion. Why is AirBnb worth it? Many AirBnb are located in residential neighborhoods rather than tourist-centric areas. The location lets you interact with locals and gain insider insights into their culture and lifestyle.
  • Excellent Flexibility. Many hotels have rigid check-in and check-out times. However, Airbnb hosts provide greater flexibility to accommodate guests’ schedules and preferences. This flexibility allows you to tailor your stay according to your unique needs. 

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The Playa Largo Ocean Residences stand out as the best choice when planning a Florida Keys vacation. We have over 12 luxurious residences, each boasting breathtaking ocean views, chic island-inspired interiors, expansive outdoor terraces, and a spacious open living concept. The units will give you the comfort you need to enjoy your getaway without wondering why Airbnb is so expensive.

Whether seeking a romantic getaway or a family retreat, Playa Largo Ocean Residences offers a perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and convenience. They ensure a memorable and rejuvenating vacation experience in the stunning Florida Keys.

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