Things to Do in Key Largo – Summer Vacation

A  vacation in Key Largo can be the perfect destination if you’re aim is the trip of a lifetime. From luxury experiences to maximum comfort and relaxation, this dream location has all you could want and more. Playa Largo Ocean Residences invites you to explore an unforgettable summer with these great activities. 

Sailing in Key Largo

When looking for things to do in Key Largo, take advantage of some one-of-a-kind specialty vacation packages and hit the water like never before. These inclusive sailing adventures teach you firsthand how to sail the Hobie way. You can spend the morning or afternoon learning how to land and launch boats directly from the beach with expert instruction. Discover the ways angles allow you to sail alongside the wind and soak up some sun before you head back home. 

Sea Plane Tours over Key Largo

You’ll be seeing more than crystal blue waters from the sky when you book a seaplane tour. These tours can easily take you to and from neighboring cities and show you all-natural sights that you can’t access on the ground. Take in all of Key Largo’s natural beauty on a private charter with up to 6 guests, and look for the ocean’s wildlife as you coast above the waves.

Scenic tours can take you on a journey to see everything from stingrays, sharks, and turtles to nearby lighthouses and the Dry Tortugas. For even more fun on your seaplane trip, spend the day island hopping and maximize the most out of your time by visiting some of the most well-known attractions in Key Largo. 

Dinner with A Unique Chef Experience

After a day of catching some rays and working up an appetite, it’s time to eat like you’re royalty. Have you ever wanted to dine with a private chef? You certainly can on vacation in Key Largo. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes and delight your tastebuds as you get to know a local chef that’ll elevate your travel experience. Choose to learn from a pro and pick up a few foodie tricks to take back home and impress your friends, or sit back and relax as you eat some of the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted. 

Celebrate Romance With An Evening Chimenea Experience at Playa Largo Ocean Residences

After a day of fun excursions and exploring all that Key Largo has to offer, wind down and simmer the adrenaline rush with a comfortable chimenea experience. Opt for a romantic night stargazing and sharing a bottle of wine as you keep warm, or toast marshmallows and make s’mores with the family. The elegant glow from the chimenea will keep your spirits high, and the natural oaky smells of burning wood will keep you feeling cozy well into the night. 

Plan Your Full Key Largo Experience with Playa Largo Ocean Residences

There’s no shortage of adventures and fun vacation experiences in Key Largo. From trying local cuisines to glass-bottom boat tours, snorkeling and diving by the reefs, and picturesque sunset walks – the vacation destination has something for everyone.  When you’re ready to book your next vacation and escape to paradise, plan your full Key Largo experience with Playa Largo Ocean Residences.

Offering one-of-a-kind accommodations and special packages that help make your trip feel personalized in every detail, you’ll never want to vacation anywhere else. There’s no need to Google things like ‘Key Largo what to do’ when you have access to these customized experiences that bring you all of Key Largo’s best events and excursions at the click of a button.

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Plan a Trip from Miami to Key Largo!

When booking a vacation, you’re looking for it to meet your expectation.  Look no further than a perfectly curated Key Largo trip for the ultimate island living experience. Get ready to rejuvenate your senses with some much-needed rest and relaxation in this tropical paradise.

From Miami to Key Largo, your dream vacation awaits, offering endless opportunities for unforgettable adventures and the luxurious experience you deserve.

If you’re curious about where to start and what to do, we’re here to help you out today. Prepare to embrace the laid-back island lifestyle and immerse yourself in the beauty of life by the water. Key Largo has some of the best excursions available, guaranteed to make your trip truly special. To make your planning easier, we’ve handpicked a list of our favorite activities for you to share with your loved ones. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

The Miami to Key Largo Drive Is One Of The Most Extraordinary Florida Road Trips

There are options available to suit your traveling style, from renting a charter to flying into the keys or packing your bags in anticipation of a memorable yet short road trip. The drive from Miami to Key Largo is reported to be about an hour and ten minutes to an hour and a half. With Key Largo being located around 60 miles South of Miami, you’ll have plenty of time to make exciting pit stops along the way.

One option common among visitors is the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center. The center is not just a popular rest stop but also acts to introduce visitors to the Everglades National Park. Once there, you can find options to book an airboat ride, or a wildlife boat tour is also available for those who wish to do additional sightseeing.

As an added tip, tolls can be avoided on the drive by taking FL-826 S until you get to US-1, which will then take you directly into Key Largo.

Where to Stay When You Arrive at Key Largo: Key Largo Vacation Packages

On vacation, there’s nothing better than having your own space. Hotels and resorts are great, but having a place just for you can make your trip even more special. That’s why, when you plan your trip to Key Largo, you should choose one of the many options at the Playa Largo Ocean Residences.

These homes are fully furnished and have everything you need, including a full kitchen for when you want to cook a meal from home. Staying here will give you the feeling of living in a luxury residential community. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your vacation in style and comfort, at a home away from home.

Top Things to Do in Key Largo

When planning your trip to Key Largo, it’s time to explore the fantastic excursions available. There is plenty of activities in this vacation destination. You can learn to sail the Hobie way with a personal instructor or go island hopping on a seaplane. Snorkeling and renting a tiki boat for a day on the water are also options.

If you prefer a more relaxed or romantic experience, you can book packages that include a private chef coming to your home. Our goal is to make sure you have an unforgettable experience in Key Largo.

Choose Playa Largo Ocean Residences – The Top Vacation Rental Experience in Key Largo

This quick guide only covers the surface of all the incredible things Key Largo offers when you want to elevate your next vacation experience. As you plan your trip from Miami to Key Largo and prepare to embrace island living, see what vacation packages are available at Playa Largo Ocean Residences. We’ll keep updating you with the best luxuries available and provide easy tips to make your trip unique.

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Things to Do With Kids on a Key Largo Family Vacation

What are some Activities for Kids in Key Largo, FL?

Key Largo, Florida, is a fantastic spot for a family vacation. Located in the upper Florida Keys archipelago, it offers diverse marine life, beautiful landscapes, stunning sunsets, and plenty of activities to keep your family busy. Many visitors typically fly into well-known South Florida airports like Miami or Fort Lauderdale and then drive south on US 1, the main road through the Keys. However, you can fly into Key Largo from certain locations and begin your journey from the southern end.

Whether planning a short weekend getaway or an extended family vacation in the Florida Keys, Playa Largo Ocean Residences has lots of kid-friendly things to do in Key Largo to keep you and your kids happy and entertained.

Enjoying Our Outdoor Amenities

The Florida Keys archipelago stretches over 125 miles and boasts the sole living coral barrier reef in the continental United States. This vibrant underwater ecosystem, located approximately five miles off the Keys’ shores, offers unforgettable scuba diving experiences for those visiting the Florida Keys.

Have you ever been to an underwater park? Well, now is your chance to engage in one of the most family-friendly activities in Key Largo. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park beckons with diverse attractions, encompassing 70 nautical square miles of mangrove swamps, unique marine creatures, and breathtaking coral reefs. 

For a truly special aquatic adventure, consider renting a private luxury boat. Opting for a private boat ensures exclusivity for your family, eliminating the need to share it with other tourists. You can create your itinerary and savor the water at your preferred pace. There are no concerns about navigating the vessel, as an experienced captain takes care of all the details. You can simply unwind and relish the journey. Plus, you can choose between half-day or full-day pricing options.

Having a Family Barbecue with Kids in Key Largo, FL

Playa Largo Ocean Residences provides barbecue facilities for our guests. You can gather your family for a tasty outdoor meal and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. For special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or honeymoons, try a unique chef experience. It’s a great way to bond with your kids while making delicious food. You’ll get a menu with three choices for a three-course meal prepared in your own home for you and your family.

The dining experience in the Florida Keys revolves around the combination of fresh flavors and a laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy sitting around a cozy chiminea fire pit and roasting marshmallows with your children for an evening of pure delight. 

Booking a Trip on a Seaplane

A seaplane tour over Key Largo and Key West will surely be an exciting and memorable experience for your family. The stunning aerial views of the turquoise waters and lush landscapes will give your kids lasting memories of this unique adventure. The seaplane can hold up to 6 guests and leaves from Playa Largo Resort Marina. You can also take day trips from Playa Largo Resort Marina to Key West.

Relax with Stargazing and S’mores

Spending your vacation at Playa Largo Ocean Residences is a wonderful opportunity to fully appreciate the captivating night skies of the Florida Keys. After a fun day, gather around a campfire with your family, roast marshmallows for s’mores, and share stories while looking at the stars. 

See How your Kids can Stay Entertained in Key Largo

At Playa Largo Ocean Residences, we’re here to make your family’s dream vacation in the Florida Keys a reality. Our luxury vacation rentals are right on the beautiful shores of Key Largo, offering an exciting atmosphere filled with entertainment. You can spend your days fishing, diving, exploring, and snorkeling, experiencing the amazing diversity of the Keys. Then, enjoy the sunset with your family on your balcony or deck in the evening. If you’re ready for an unforgettable vacation, we’re here to help. Playa Largo Ocean Residences is the perfect place to escape and enjoy it all at once.

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Why are AirBnb’s so Expensive Now? Are AirBnb’s Worth It?

Updated: May 10, 2024

In 2008, Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharczyk launched Airbnb to help travelers find affordable accommodations worldwide. Hosts accommodated travelers in spare rooms, which were cheaper than hotel rooms.

However, today, AirBnbs are less affordable than they used to be. The prices have soared high, with some Airbnb units costing more than you’d pay for a hotel room. Find out why renting Airbnb for a month has become expensive and if the costs you pay are worth it.  You can see the difference between booking an AirBnb in Key West, rather than a professional Resort like Playa Largo Ocean Residences.

Why Is Airbnb So Expensive? What Changed?

As is common with many startups, AirBnb advocated for low rates initially to attract a broader client base. Once the platform expanded, the company adjusted its rates upwards to optimize profitability, the primary mission of any business. 

The following are extra reasons why monthly AirBnb rentals cost more than before:

1. There is a High Demand for Airbnbs

Why is Airbnb too expensive? The demand for AirBnb units has increased year after year since inception. Travelers find some cozy apartments and luxurious villas used as AirBnb units more comfortable than regular hotel rooms or vacation rentals.

Moreover, monthly AirBnb rentals give one-of-a-kind privacy. Most units are stand-alone, meaning that they accommodate a single traveler. This arrangement reduces the chances of meeting strangers, enhancing your privacy. 

Moreover, many AirBnbs are located in safer neighborhoods and have security measures to bolster security further. 

2. Rising Inflation Costs and Rental Costs

Rising global inflation is another reason why monthly Airbnb rentals are becoming expensive. With the high inflation, hosts spend more on utilities, maintenance, property taxes, and other overheads for running these accommodations.

As a result, hosts have to adjust their prices upwards to cover the increased costs and still make some profits. 

3. Tight Regulatory Compliance

Tight regulatory compliance is another reason you must pay a high price to secure an AirBnb for a month. Unlike in the past, many governments recognize Airbnb as a business. As a result, they have imposed increasingly stringent regulations, significantly increasing the operating costs for AirBnb hosts.

For instance, many local authorities require hosts to obtain various permits and licenses to run the units. Since these permits and licenses are priced, hosts must raise their charges to profit reasonably.

Is AirBnb Worth It in 2024?

Is Airbnb worth it with the rising costs? Despite the rising costs, AirBnb accommodations are still worth it. They provide comfort akin to your own home. The accommodations have kitchens, living areas, laundry facilities, outdoor seating areas, and private swimming pools. 

Other reasons why renting an Airbnb for a month is worthwhile include:

  • Unique experiences: AirBnbs allows travelers to stay in unique, uniquely designed accommodations. From cottages in secluded forests to tree houses, there are various Airbnb options that will leave you with unforgettable experiences. 
  • Community immersion: Why is AirBnb worth it? Many AirBnb are located in residential neighborhoods rather than tourist-centric areas. The location lets you interact with locals and gain insider insights into their culture and lifestyle.
  • Excellent Flexibility: Many hotels have rigid check-in and check-out times. However, Airbnb hosts provide greater flexibility to accommodate guests’ schedules and preferences. This flexibility allows you to tailor your stay according to your unique needs. 

Book Today

The Playa Largo Ocean Residences stand out as the best choice when planning a Florida Keys vacation. We have over 12 luxurious residences, each boasting breathtaking ocean views, chic island-inspired interiors, expansive outdoor terraces, and a spacious open living concept. The units will give you the comfort you need to enjoy your getaway without wondering why Airbnb is so expensive.

Whether seeking a romantic getaway or a family retreat, Playa Largo Ocean Residences offers a perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and convenience. They ensure a memorable and rejuvenating vacation experience in the stunning Florida Keys.

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Travel Options to Key West, FL: How To Get to Key West

If you’re longing to leave ordinary life behind and bask in the warmth of a tropical vacation, then Key West is calling your name. This beautiful island is the perfect place to de-stress and reset. But what’s the best way to travel here? Don’t worry; although Key West feels like another world, getting here from where you are is not hard.

At Playa Largo Ocean Residences, we would love to welcome you to this tropical paradise. Let us start by telling you the best ways to travel here. 

Getting To Key West By Land

If you’re starting your journey in Florida and love a scenic drive, this is a great time to hit the open road. The drive from Miami is roughly three hours long, while you’ll spend about four hours behind the wheel if you’re coming from Fort Lauderdale. Along the way, you’ll pass some gorgeous scenery, including the coastal portion of the Everglades. You’ll also cross several long bridges that span cerulean expanses of water.

The Florida Turnpike and the Overseas Highway

The most direct route to the Keys starts on the Florida Turnpike. This is a toll road, but you won’t have to stop at a booth to pay tolls. They’ll be automatically charged using your license plate number. If you’re driving a rental car, check with the rental company about how they handle tolls. 

At the end of the Turnpike, you’ll take US 1 and the Overseas Highway. Follow the posted speed limits because local law enforcement keeps looking for speeders. Because Key West is the farthest island to the west, the trip will take you past the other islands, so enjoy all the gorgeous coastal scenery along the way. You know you’re there when you arrive at mile marker 0 and the beauty of Key West.

Getting to Key West by Sea

If you’d rather arrive at the island by sea, you have several options. You can catch a high-speed passenger ferry from Fort Myers. The trip takes three and a half hours, and you will travel comfortably. You can spend that time in the air-conditioned interior or try out the sun deck to take in the scenery and breathe in the sea air. 

You can sail to Key West alone if you’re an experienced boater. You can approach from the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Be sure to make a reservation at a local marina before you arrive. 

Getting To Key West By Air

It may feel like you’re leaving the world behind when you arrive at Key West, but don’t worry – you still have easy access to it all by plane. Several airlines offer nonstop flights to Key West International Airport. Check with your preferred carrier, but here are some convenient options for nonstop flights.

Airlines that Fly to Key West

  • Delta Airlines – Atlanta and New York La Guardia
  • United Airlines – Chicago and Newark
  • American Airlines – Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, and Washington DC
  • Silver Airways – Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Orlando

Once you land, several options get you where you’re going, including shuttles, taxis, ferry service, car rentals, bike rentals, and more. No matter what transportation you choose, the island isn’t very big, so it won’t take long to get there.

Interested in visiting Key West? Let Playa Largo Ocean Residences help you plan your vacation!

If you’re ready to come enjoy the play land of Key West, you owe it to yourself to look at our vacation rentals at Playa Largo Ocean Residences. We have beautiful residences to give you the feel of Old Florida with the comforts of home. Look at the packages we have available and book your vacation home today!

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